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The PowerPoint presentation suite think-cell serves a single purpose – quickly creating business presentations. It is a complete set of cutting-edge productivity tools, each unrivaled in its scope of application.
think-cell chart. The leading PowerPoint add-in for great-looking charts directly from Excel data. It only takes a few minutes to create and alter sophisticated chart types, such as waterfalls, Mekkos and Gantts, or add a multitude of visual annotations to standard charts.
think-cell round. The one-of-a-kind Excel add-in for consistently rounding cell numbers, even across complex calculations and several work sheets.
think-cell layout. The patented PowerPoint add-in for rapidly composing clean slide layouts from standard elements. It comes with a powerful agenda component that is as simple to use as an automated table of contents in a good word processor.
You can start using think-cell without any special training, because it is fully integrated into Microsoft Office and produces fully compatible PowerPoint slides. It is the presentation software of choice for 9 of the top 10 consulting firms and over 5,000 other leading companies. For more information visit the vendor's web site at