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think-cell chart – Charts in minutes!

Creating data-driven charts in Microsoft PowerPoint is painstaking and cumbersome. Frequently used graphical elements are not integrated into the charts, automatic placement of labels does not work, and some chart types are simply not available. This results in large amounts of manual work and endless adjustments of graphical elements.

think-cell chart solves this problem. It is a powerful charting software that seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint, brings dozens of helpful unique features and can be individually customized to strengthen your company's corporate design. With a minimum of manual work, you get accurate, well-laid-out and great-looking charts. Furthermore, with think-cell chart even occasional users can create and change charts 3-5 times faster than any PowerPoint expert.

You can see all the chart types supported by think-cell chart in action by browsing through the following video gallery.


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Area 100%

  • think-cell chart integrates smoothly into PowerPoint. You can simply access functionality by the think-cell ribbon group, the circular context menu and direct mouse manipulations. This preview shows how you can build sophisticated stacked column charts using think-cell chart including a value axis, automatic column breaks, formatted numbers and a CAGR arrow.


















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The free trial is a full-featured version of presentation suite think-cell. The only difference to a commercial license is the shorter validity period. The trial includes  products think-cell chart and think-cell layout for Microsoft PowerPoint as well as our product think-cell round for Microsoft Excel.

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